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Who is Katstorm Photography

Appalachian Mountain Range as seen from Brevard North Carolina in the Autumn.

We are not a major big box retail chain with multiple stores, we are a small country business in the mountains of North Carolina. We are an e-commerce internet retailer and we do not have a brick-and-mortar store. It's just one of many ways that we reduce costs. We share your passion for all things photography and offer amateur and professional photographers high-quality photography equipment at competitive prices.

We started our business because we know how time-consuming and expensive it is to find and buy beautiful, quality products that would last. We decided to launch our online store and focus mainly on product quality and sustainability. We're glad that you found us, and hope you’ll enjoy our products as we do!

Capture the Beauty: Pursue Your Passion for Photography

Hiking the North Carolina Mountains and viewing the waterfalls.

Our Goal

Our goal at Katstorm Photography is to provide our customers with the highest quality photography equipment and accessories at affordable prices.

We are passionate about photography and are committed to providing professional and informative content. We want you to have the best gear for capturing your thrilling adventures and adorning your home or workplace with stunning photographs.

Customers are our priority, not sales. We listen to the customer and recommend the best options based on your specific needs, rather than the price tag.

Image of our various types of merchandise.

Our Merchandise

The merchandise at Katstorm Photography store has been carefully curated to cater to both professional and amateur photographers, offering a selection of high-quality equipment at a reasonable cost.

We work with numerous certified distributors of name-brand products to bring you the latest gear and we stand behind our products with free 30-day returns and no questions asked refunds.

Are you looking for a specific item, and don't see it listed in the store, contact us. We have access to thousands of items that are not always listed in our store.

Image of our packaging of products to ship.

Shipping Our Products

We ship anywhere in the USA and its territories. We offer FREE shipping on orders over $50 through the use of 3rd-Party distributor warehouses to ensure that your package gets to you in a timely fashion.

Packages are shipped out within 2-5 days depending on order origination and closest warehouse. All of our products are new, we do not sell used or refurbished products.

Products are shipped in manufacturer packaging except when we have to separate bundles to meet an order for a particular product in which case your item is shipped in a repackaged, white box.

Certified Name-Brand Distributors

A partial list of authorized name-brand distributors that we partner with to bring you the best quality

new branded products, not gray-label inventory. These distributors are authorized wholesalers of

brands such as Sony, Kodak, Nikon, FujiFilm, Epson, HP, Canon, Olympus, and more.

We never sell used or refurbished products, only new products directly from the distributor.

D&H Distributors is an authorized wholesaler of name-branded solutions.
Ingram Micro is an authorized wholesaler of name-branded solutions.
TD Synnex is an authorized wholesaler of name-branded solutions.

Shipping & Fulfillment

Our third-party shipment and fulfillment partners ensure your products get to you on time.

Amazon Fulfilment Services
Walmart Fulfilment Services
Direct shipment via FedEx, DHL, UPS and USPS.

The Woman Behind The Curtain

Our Photographer

Kathrine is a passionate photographer and nature enthusiast committed to providing professional and informative content. Katstorm Photography gallery highlights her global travels with her innovative vision, stylish aesthetics, and captivating visuals. Through her store, visitors can learn about her experiences, and techniques, and see examples of her photos.

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Photo of Kathrine, our photographer and company owner.
Katstorm Photography ad, where does your next adventure begin?

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